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DZK-Bearing is specialized in researching and manufacturing the bearings. It's capability is not only including R&D, mechanical working, test and efficient sales service but also including the integral solution. we are a comprehensive bearing supplier in China.

Products Description

Sliding bearings, slide bushing, oilless bushing, bronze bushing bearing, sintered bushing bearing, composite bearing

1). DU PTFE Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing

2). DX POM Marginal Lubricating Bearing Bushing

3). Bimetal Bearing Bushing

4). JDB Solid Lubricating Bearing Graphite Bushing

5). Steel Bearing Bushing

6). FB WB702/WB802 Bronze Wrapped Bearing Bushing

7). Sintered Bronze/Iron Bearing FU Bushing

8). Ball Retainer FZ Bushing

9). FW Filament Wound High Load Self-lubricating Bearings Bushing

Conveyor Bearing

1). Light Press Series Ball Transfer Unit Bearing

2). Nylon Series Ball Ball Transfer Unit Bearing

3). Heavy Duty Series Ball Ball Transfer Unit Bearing

4). Skate Wheel Bearing

5). Omni Wheel Bearing

6). Tapered Roller / Straight Roller / Gravity Roller Bearing

7). Ball Casters

More Bearings

1). Needle Bearing

2). Deep Groove Ball Bearing

3). Guide Bearing

4). Linear Bearing

5). Adapter Sleeves Bearing / Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves

6). Withdrawal Sleeves Bearing / Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeves

7). Lock Nuts / Precision Nuts / Hydraulic Nuts / Lock Washers

9). MS Locking Devices / Hook Spanner / Door Window Lockset

Packaging & Shipping

Standard export packing including:

1) Anti-rust plastic films

2) Plastic bags

3) Cartons

4) Pallets or plywood case for sea shipping

MOQ & Delivery Way

Different shipping way is available

MOQ is related to different models and specifications

Our Services

We provide high efficiency service during customs clearance and after shipping

If you have other requirements on document please inform us before making order


If you have any other question please contact us for prompt response.

Name: Kai Wen

Email: info@dzk-bearing.com

Mobile: +86-18182115337

We chat: dzk-bearing

Website: www.dzk-bearing.com


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